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sunshine the intrusion

About the Book

A floatplane attempts to land on the lake waters while Wade Hampton watches. After crashing into the water a helicopter shows up to fire rounds from a mini-gun into the plane's remaining pontoon to sink it. When the helicopter leaves Wade races out on his boat, he ends up pulling two kids out of the cold lake water. While planning to hike the two kids out the helicopter shows up again. This time though there are four of them.

The race to Juneau, Alaska begins sixty miles of being hunted for something that Wade will have to figure out for himself. Maybe the kids hold the secrets that he needs to survive the run to safety. Jose Hernandez, a drug dealer finds himself in big trouble with his backers. They are going to want their money real soon. Tony Carroll had stolen his bank account numbers then he escaped with his family in Jose's plane and flew off. Tony hoped that Jose wouldn't risk losing his account numbers, but then Jose's voice came from the radio ordering him to return to Juneau, Alaska. An armed helicopter was not far behind him and his family. Greg Woods was being forced to work for Jose Hernandez. His four helicopters were at Jose's beck and call now. Maybe with Jose out at this unknown person's cabin Greg can get his company back and stop running drugs. First, he would have to free his own family.

Jose Hernandez wants the kids for leverage against their father, so he invades Wade's cabin home, now Wade has to get the kids to safety plus take his home back.

Aboutthe Author

Thomas Elmer was born in Monroe, Michigan, raised in Glendale, Arizona where he lived for more than 40 years. Now, he resides in Hood River, Oregon along the Columbia River. He is now on his second novel, Sunshine: The Abduction

Thomas G. Elmer believes in the power of words to influence and make a difference. He understands that one cannot conquer the publishing world alone. So he partnered with a company that matches his values, and that is PageTurner Press and Media.

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sunshine the intrusion

Sunshine: The Intrusion

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